Never considered getting a personal fabric designed?

Well now you can! We make memories & keepsakes into signature fabrics that are incorporated into your soft furnishings

Let's create your own fabric design...

We understand that you want an interior that truly reflects your individuality. Our signature fabrics are inspired by your precious memories & create the perfect finishing touches.

Signature Fabrics include:

> Personal designs to match your schemes
> Fabrics to truly reflect your personality
> Unique ways to make memories come alive

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Personal Designs

Your personal collection that's inspired by your memories

Available by the meter & made into soft furnishings products

Designed & printed exclusively

Designs to match your style
& interior schemes

A truly personal layer that makes your design totally unique

Patterns scaled for variable uses

Make memories come alive

We use old photo's & treasures, maybe a keepsake or letter

Creating fabric designs from your memories & personal history

The icing on the interiors cake

So how does it all work?

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I’m trained as a textile designer so find out how my skills & experience can make all the difference to your interior project.

Sarah Burghard – Creative Director

Do you want to fulfil your home's potential & make it a gorgeous place to live?
Good news! We're here to help you because it's what we love doing.