Every room we design makes a donation to support the homeless

Designs with a Heart

Room 2 Room or #R2R was born from Sarah valuing the basic need of having somewhere safe to call home whilst her personal life circumstances were in flux. 


During this time of challenge for Sarah she had the backdrop of friends & family support alongside a comfortable upbringing. 



The enormity of facing the challenge of having no where to call home, without these safety nets, crystallised her Design Purpose to reach out and give back to those facing their homeless plight alone. 

Room 2 Room is based on a very simple premise

Every room designed for a client, helps fund a homeless person’s accommodation, both in the UK and specifically chosen international projects.

 Sarah aims to not only donate from her own company, but to encourage other designers and artists to join the initiative.

 Please reach out if you’re a design professional who wants to host a #R2R donation option for your projects & clients. 

Together we can have more impact

#R2R = Designs with a heart

You can choose where your support goes.

"It's great to know that we get to help someone else as well as a enjoying a beautiful design - a double feel good factor that's a no brainer!"

We donate to specific homeless charities in the UK.
We are currently suporting a youth housing project here in Bristol to help our local community.

We also give to our global family.
Sarah lived in Jakarta, Indonesia & this is a thank you for those magical years.