Our Pricing + FAQ’s.

Check in Call

A friendly 15 min chat welcoming you to our boutique hotel & home design:

Understand how we can help you with your project

You get to describe your project & we listen carefully & give you some advice 

Understand our way of collaborating & our super friendly approach

Hear how your design will be giving back via Room 2 Room

Let’s see if we’re a really good fit for each other

No Charge

Design Meeting

A productive 45 min design meeting on Zoom or phone, you choose:

Get advice & answers to specific questions, which you can send over with an outline of your project in advance 

Discuss your needs & get a clear, no extra’s added quote 

Discuss your budget & timeline as well as our availability

Start to define your look & feel with our Design Questionnaire


Room Styling

Extra special touches bringing the boutique hotel home:

*A design Direction Board

*An Inspiration Board

*1 Dècor Scheme

*Bespoke Textile Design

*2 Special pieces

*Shopping list with live links

£ Contact us for our full pricing
or book a call to find out more

Room Planning

The ideal way to compare two layouts:

*Two 2D floor plans 

*Two 3D “birds eye” room views

*Two 3D “in room” views 

*Furniture placements for both

£ Contact us for our full pricing
or book a call to find out more

Room Package

 Our comprehensive signature service:

*Two photorealistic images to capture exactly how your scheme will look

Plus both our

*Superior Planning &
*Superior Styling

features combined

This creates a 10% saving

Larger projects attract a further

10% reduction 3+ rooms

20% reduction on 6+ room

£ Contact us for our full pricing
or book a call to find out more

Commercial projects

For the hospitality industry

We have experience with:

*Boutique hotels




Trade pricing available

£ Contact us for our full pricing
or book a call to find out more

"Do you supply the materials?"
We only supply the bespoke products if you choose to purchase them. We send you a live shopping list links so you can buy all the specified products when you are ready. The shopping list can also be used as inspiration if you want to buy something similar at a different price.
"Do you come to my house?"
One of our many advantages is that nobody needs to travel! We work with you via the phone, email and Zoom. We don’t need to visit as you send pictures and floor plans of the space which saves our time and therefore your money.
"Where do I get the items you suggest?"
We show you exactly which products we suggest according to your budget in our room scheme. We also provide a shopping list with live links to make life really easy. If you prefer to you can buy from somewhere else using our suggestions as guidance to help you make cohesive choices.
"Where are you based?"
We are based in Bristol UK, right by the water in the beautiful harbour. We work with people from all over the UK & the world because we are totally on line, so location is never a problem.
"How long does it take?"
Generally between 5 & 10 working days for a room depending on the size & complexity.
"I’m completely lost, can you help?"
Yes, we help people with no clue right through to design savvy creatives. No question is silly & we love to help you enjoy the design process like we do.
"I just need a bit of advice, can you help?"
Yes, our free check in call is the perfect way to get some advice & discuss your project with a professional, it's a great way to kickstart your project.
"Do you charge for your first call?"
No, its absolutely free and there’s no obligation at all.