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Trilogy of Gorgeous Gardens!

As the sunshine starts to appear and it's time to get outside and tend to my garden (a newfound activity) I have been inspired and encouraged by 3 gorgeous gardens that I have come across in the last month – take a look and I hope you enjoy the images below

I took particular interest in the collaboration between Chelsea Flower Show and Radio 2 Feel Good Gardens celebrating the senses

 Of particular interest was the Anneka Rice Colour Cutting Garden which also had input from Trisha Guild and her influence in the colour scheme is self evident.

These colours are absolutely beautiful and very inspiring for a fledgling gardner such as myself!

Read more about these Gardens and the Chelsea Flower Show HERE

I also found an amazing amount of tranquility at The Secret Garden in the heart of Marrakesh, which offered sublime scents, olive trees, lavender, grasses and exquisite planting in a gentle colour palette and birdsong that made it an entrancing and truly special place to experience contemplation and appreciation for the simple wonders of the world..

Here's a few of the images I captured from a wonderful hour or two meandering around this haven of peace and quiet

I would highly recommend this garden and read more about it HERE


The third was also a feature of my recent trip to Marrakesh and is a homage to Yves St Laurent

This stunning tribute to Yves St Laurent was discoverd in dis repair and saved as part of his life's work and now pays tribute to the french designer and his desire to preserve the Berber culture which is now held as an excellent collection for view in YSL's former studio which sits perfectly placed in the gardens. The exhibition holds an amazing collection of photographs, jewelery, clothing, tools and treasures from the Berber culture. It is beautifully displayed and offers a really interesting insight into this ancient culture.

Alongside the museum is the main attraction – the lush, tropical gardens, planting and colourfully styled gardens.

below are a few of the moments I enjoyed whilst marvelling at the beauty and magnificant trees, huge cacti and enormous succulants…

Further details of the Jardin Majorelle can be found HERE

I hope these gardens have given some fresh ideas for your green fingers to get busy with…

Thanks for looking at what I've been up to

Sarah x


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