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Spring/Summer 2016 colours

Time for Spring/Summer 2016 colours!!


I love this moment in the year when I change my website colours to freshen up and mark the change of seasons.

Light, warmth, colours to bask in the sunshine with, Spring & Summer to me, means waking up after hibernation and feeling full of energy, optimism, feeling fresh and ready to welcome the languid days of Summer that are just around the corner...

SBD Spring/Summer 2015 Colours

Time for Spring/Summer Colours!!!

My website is fresh as a spring daisy or perhaps a dandelion, with a zingy new palette of colours to announce the warm sunshine of Spring and hazy days of Summer which are just around the corner.

As a designer, it is essential for my work to stay fresh and interesting for you my lovely viewers to enjoy - who wants the same website all year round? Given my world is

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