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Moleskine Silk Screen Printing

My Sketchbook Is My Temple!

Everything starts from my sketchbooks - Moleskine are amongst my favourites.

Check out this lovely video all about how the bespoke printing happens...


Here's a link to another post about my quandry over which size sketchbook to use and a few snippets from some of my sketch book pages,doodles, designs and explorations

Thanks for taking a look

Designing Pub 15


PUB 15 was launched this year at Olympia in London and SBD was delighted to be commissioned for the styling and designing of key event areas.

A previous post on design and show preparation is also available here


Here's a few shots of 24hrs before the show opened - lots to do and hard to believe the transformation!

The bespoke SBD products

“Sarah On Tour” Snowy Scotland

Snowy Scotland: The PEFECT tour destination just before Christmas...

There were red weather warnings for Scotland with the hashtag #weatherbomb trending on twitter due to 80mph winds and serious snow forecast.... hmmm I was getting nervous as my trip was to travel by road in the SBD mobile between Glasgow and North of Inveness right in the heart of the hooley!

I flew into Glasgow and spent a rather lovely evening or perhaps a

Sarah Ar Daith Yng Nghymru

Sarah Ar Daith Yng Nghymru


So according to Google translator this means "Sarah On Tour In Wales" which is where I've been meeting up with boutique hotels, interior designers and hospitality industry friends after my launch last month at The Independent Hotel