One summer, after a year of hard work at St Martin’s School of Art, a close friend, commissioned me to put together a picture of a mutual friend’s house as a birthday present. Neither of us realised this was the start of a new direction for my life.



Wandering around the house in question, and really looking at it for the first time, I noticed how many lovely features it had, and how, despite having spent many happy hours there, its charm had somehow slipped into the background of our lives and was not really noticed or celebrated.

I took some surreptitious photographs, spent a while sketching and collaging, crossed my fingers and showed my friend what I’d done. To my huge relief, she loved it.

But her delight was nothing compared to the joy of the friend whose house it was. She was overwhelmed at how I’d spot-lit the beauty of her home and the way she and her family lived there. It was almost as if I’d helped her fall in love with it all over again. I was genuinely surprised at how powerfully emotional the moment was.

My work has taken this concept of visually celebrating a setting and lifestyle, broadening it to harness that emotional charge for business communications through a variety of products. The essence, however, of delighting individuals through recognising their sensibilities and styles, remains intact and essential to my designs.

I’m convinced that any setting will benefit from this a stunning and potent addition to their marketing communication, as well as giving any interior design scheme a truly innovative feel and a unique style signature.

As a bonus, it’s already proved an intensely enjoyable journey for both the clients and me. 

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