The centenary of Laurie Lee, author of Cider With Rosie, presented the perfect opportunity for Sarah’s clients to add those extra special touches to their beautiful rental cottage nestled in The Slad Valley where the book is set. The fabric design was derived from a local map and so the accessories offer both a homage to the author and a talking point for guests.

Sarah Burghard Designs offers textile designs which shy away from the obvious and bring a new take on what constitutes a pattern. Developing accessories that are sympathetic to your interior scheme, Sarah enjoys using documentation — deeds of the property, old examples of invoices or billing, perhaps even a letter kept in the archive that could be shared by your clientele. Historical referencing shares your story and brings it to life so that products become a talking point for your customers.

Sarah’s design highlight – Being invited to show the pieces in the Centenary Art Exhibition held in honour of Laurie Lee where visitors from all over the world saw my designs