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Magical Marrakesh

I recently travelled to the magical city of Marrakesh for some inspiration and R&R

Marrakesh has a special place in my creative heart as I first visited here in the very early stages of my journey into discovering art and design.

During my first year on the foundation for art and design we were taken on a trip here and this was an amazing experience for me that co-incided with my 40th birthday. 

To visit the city first time around under the guidance of art tutors and amidst a group of approx 60 teenagers, it was a new experience and special time to remember, below are a few images from my original sketch book, created from recycling and drawing into my birthday cards.

This recent trip was a gentler affair, to celebrate the 50th birthday of a girlfriend and so, I have to say, it was a little more sophisticated but just as much fun!

We stayed in a rhiad, right in the centre of the Medina and on arrival it did feel as if we were perhaps going to never reappear as we wandered further and furhter into tiny, winding, dusty streets with no name.

Needless to say we were very well looked after and enjoyed the local food and delights on every corner, speaking french and bartering were both skills I was a little rusty on and so it was great to get stuck in to both elements which are part of the daily hussle and bussle of Marrakesh life.

Our Rhiad – set right in the heart of the medina

Here are some of the highlights of our day time wanderings

Yves St Laurent Memorial Gardens

Teeny Tiny morrocan slippers – plenty of trinket shopping in the crowded markets

My new best friend, a trimmings shop stuffed to the rafters with gorgeous goodies

Plenty of delicious tasty treats such as these spinach & cheese parcelsand plenty of fresh mint tea of course…

Stunning architecture and plenty of colour, pattern and incredible carving to wonder at.

By night Marrakesh turns into an even more beautiful array of twinkling lamps and dark smoky alleyways leading into hidden restaurants with an array of wonderful spicy food and the odd cocktail or two in place that serve alcohol – here's a few glimpses of our night time fun…

As part of our pampering and girly fun my girlfriend and I decided to have some henna tatoos –

it was great fun and a reminder of our trip together that acomanied us both home!

Marrakesh is only a 3hr flight from the uk, it is only 1 hour ahead and acommodation & food are really great value, so I can highly recommend it as a quick get away to grab a piece of exotic inspiration…

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