Sarah Burghard Designs was commissioned to create a house portrait for the client to give her husband as a Christmas gift before they moved house. The home that took years to build had become so familiar that he was feeling sad to leave.

Through drawing, painting, collaging and playing with scale, a signature design was developed that celebrated their home and kept that chapter of their family life alive in their new location.

Sarah took photographs of the house from both inside and out, details such as the Aga, children’s pictures and much loved everyday items were all documented and taken back to the studio for development. Sketching, painting and playing with colours brought a rough compilation which was then refined and produced as a framed piece of art.

The next design stage was to use this signature collage to produce a textile design, creating the opportunity for complimentary furnishings such as cushions, lampshades and upholstered pieces which sit perfectly within their new home surroundings.

Sarah’s design highlight – Watching the family crowding round and talking over each other with excitement as they recognised their own possessions in the design.