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Harington Hotel Design Brief

Harington's Hotel & City Apartments are set right in the centre of the historic city of Bath and I was delighted to be commissioned to provide a variety of bespoke products and styling options for this gorgeous boutique hotel.



There is some facinating history beyond the immediate tourist attractions and splendid architecture outside the front door at Harington's.

Sir John Harington, God son to Queen Elizabeth and a poet was also the inventor of the first flush lavatory system – if you are inclined please read more details here:

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 15.39.33

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 15.39.47

So, there's an interesting brief – how to combine the history of the lavatory with bespoke designs for beautiful lamps, cushions and a feature chair….

Hmmmm not an easy task so we got our thinking caps on and after many brainstorming mock ups the concept of "Spend A Penny" became the favourite – 

Harringtons Spend a penny

watch this space as I reveal the products which are currently in production – I can't wait to share ; )


The central location in Queen Street became a feature that the owners and I decided to incorporate into products. The recent branding that the client's have invested in give me a clear colour palette to incorporate, it's great to have a strong identity to work with.  

This design is being created into dining chairs and cushions alongside corresponding lampshades in production too…


Queen St Cushions Mock up


The next area of development incorporates a bespoke map & postcard to be used as wall decor for guest information and also the idea of using a bespoke Harington's postcard for guests to write a message which can be tweeted and shared on social media. These products are being printed as large formats 1m x 75cm on a lovely linen to add a touch of luxury

Here's a digital image of the designs, still work in progress – once the products are completed I will share them here so watch this space!

Harringtons Postcard Design + address Map Of Bath Colour

Thank you so much for looking at this blog post and finding out more about my project, there will a follow up post once the project is completed…

Sarah x

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