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Designing Pub 15


PUB 15 was launched this year at Olympia in London and SBD was delighted to be commissioned for the styling and designing of key event areas.

A previous post on design and show preparation is also available here


Here's a few shots of 24hrs before the show opened – lots to do and hard to believe the transformation!

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 14.11.03

The bespoke SBD products were developed by using simple illustrations of beer & wine glasses which were put into a repeat pattern and used in white and orange throughout the show on lamps, wallpaper and wall decor.Designs also included the staff uniform, main stage, VIP Terrace, Reception & registration and the main bar area…

 PUB 15 white lampshade fabric

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 10.24.12 

PUB 15 orange lampshade fabric

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 14.11.33 Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 14.11.44


Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 14.12.17Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 14.11.52

The show design used a variety of textures: leather, chalkboard, velvet, weathered wood, industrial fittings and slate.


Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 14.12.05


Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 14.12.26

Colours aimed to offer a warm, relaxed feel with some shots of spring flower hues for freshness. 

 Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 14.12.36

The challenge with a temporary installation is to give an authenticity to the contents – avoiding tired hired items –

My collaborations with the following suppliers meant that the quality of all the styling products shone through and recieved a great response from the 3,000 or so visitors who enjoyed the event.


Thanks to Garden Trading, Vincent & Barn, The Lightyard, Inglenook Creations & The Sign Girl for your invaluable input to the scheme.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 10.21.40 Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 10.23.00 Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 10.24.14


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