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I am a little shy to share this blog post but it seems like such a rare opportunity that it would be a shame not to…

I was asked to model for a painting by artist Chris Baker (also professionally known as Fangorn) who wanted to create a large oil painting depicting a slumbering woman and he asked me to model #blush

To facilitate the process I took my position for several “modelling sessions” as you can see I didn’t have to do much (!) except keeping still while Chris took photos and being patient while he was finding positions for both myself and the duvet that he was happy with, to create the composition in his mind.

Before I unvail the painting itself, here’s alittle more info about Chris and his work courtesy of another blogger “WickerGirl” click for the full article

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 16.22.11

Although Chris has his earlier career clearly set in illustration and then the movie industry with an impressive collection of directors from Stanley Kubrick, Stephen Speilburg, Tim Burton and Sam Mendes (see biog below) he is now taking time to create his own sculpture and oil painting to develop his ever growing interest in people and their characters and physicality.

article taken from Redwall blog link – full article available HERE

The painting was created for an exhibition at the RBSA (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) as Chris had been invited to exhibit six pieces in the hope of being voted in as an Associate Member of this prestigeous organisiation.


I’m delighted, and unsuprised, to say Chris has now been voted in to join as an Associate which will facilitate more exhibitions of his work hopefully showcasing his painting, sculpure and perhaps his amazing archive of movie work.

So, enough waffle – here’s the painting and the other works submitted by Chris:

“Sunday Morning”


I’ve never been vertical & horizontal at the same time before!


The six paintings and the artist Chris Baker

Here’s alink to The RBSA for more info on upcoming exhibitions


Thanks for taking a look at what I’ve been up to!

Sarah x

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