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Creative Colour Workshop

I spent a lovely day with Fiona Humberstone and a group of fellow creatives in London learning more about colour.

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In the last few weeks I have been applying some of the course and wanted to share some info.

The workshop was focussed on colour for branding and business identity which is of interest to me on two counts:

1.Further skills and deeper knowledge that I can pass on to my clients through the design process

2.Information and understanding of how best to present my business. 


Prior to the workshop we were asked to prepare a mood board to represent our personality.

I made the board below which carries snippets of my interests, lifestyle, colours and materials.

The board doesn't have the clarity that I'm used to as a designer but I decided to let the complexity of life override my desire to tidy it up!

Elements on my board include: My family's names, historical imagery, fabric swatches and linen pleats.
Old fashioned safety pin, branded nametags, ribbons in pink and orange, handwriting, notebooks, minature doll's clothes.
These are personal to my design journey and my private life…
The day began with chatting, introductions and an overview of the "seasonal" methodology and anylitical understanding of colour.
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In essence, each season Spring,Summer,Autumn & Winter have different characteristics which we matched with the specific list of descriptive words we had come prepared with to describe our company. We then completed some interesting and thought provoking excersises to establish out specific seasonal identity. 
Often businesses have a combination of two seasons such as SBD which I've identified as Spring with a hint of Winter.
Words which I feel resonate are as follows:
Predominently Spring – Communicative, creative, forward thinking, inspirational, lively, positive
A touch of Winter – Cutting edge, distinctive, expert, market leader, specialist, strong, visionary
The process was fascinating and made engaging and interactive due to Fiona's natural enthusiasm and experience of the subject.
After a fantastic mood board overview from Gudy Herder from Electic trends (more on that another time) we all joined together for a delicious lunch, reflection and discussion on our new seasonal identities.
The next excersises were in relation to choosing the specific colours appropriate for our business and keeping the choices coherent and therefore more succesful throughout our branded offerings, whether on line, on paper or in any other media.
The day was crammed full of interesting information and tips – I won't spoil your experience by going into too much detail but 
here's the lovely book we were given to work through containing all this fantastic information
#highly #recommended!
So, whilst my branding fitting into distinct seasons and colour tones, I began to contemplate how my ever changing clients and projects could perhaps also be reflected through this technique?
It started me thinking and after a few weeks of contemplation I have developed the idea that my website can change with the seasons.
As a designer I respond to what is around me, my website should therefore also change with the inspiration and moods of the year.
My current colour scheme is below
Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 20.11.33


I now have a way to use my wonderful colour swatches on the website, whilst remaining true to my logo and branding identity.
Full steam ahead, I am nearing completion of the SBD Spring/Summer colour collection which will be revealed at the beginning of May so watch this space!!
Here's a little snippet
For more information and details on the course please find Fiona's Website here 
I'm going to attend Fiona's exciting book launch next month so I'll be sure to post more info on that too! 
Thank you very much for finding my blog post and reading through…
Love Sarah x

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