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The quest for the perfect sketchbook

First world problem I know but eek it took me a lot of time and frustration to go through the many variables here’s a potted history of my journey:

  1. A4 landscape, white cartridge hardback came first regulation standard at college - successful but always felt a bit boring
  2. A4 handmade sketchbook from torn up and painted birthday cards - fab but more of an art work than a practical tool
  3. Back to hardback A4 but tried


As a British child of the 70’s who was desperate to eat “candy” and go to “baseball games” the Peanuts gang were fantastic - I had a couple of toy Snoopys (not being the dolly kind) and a fluffy yellow Woodstock. I even got “The Gang’s All Here” put onto a red sweat shirt with those black transfer letters aged about 8 -  I was customising from a very early age!

I still love them all and in my heart they’ll always be a special place for

The Slad Valley

Tucked away in the Cotswolds is this lush green valley where I live and work - it’s stunning and brings an undulating peace and calm whenever I remember to look up and connect with where I am.

Walking here is a joy, the seasons roll through and the landscape brings a never ending show of magnificent colour and textures.

There will be many a picture, reference and mention of this beautiful place within my blog, work and tales of connections made. More


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