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Bhutan Khakhar: You Can’t Please All

"What we should do in life and art is exactly what one likes.

The difficulty may be to find out what one likes"

Inspired by my recent trip to India I was delighted to find this wonderful exhibition on at Tate Modern…

An artist as yet unknown to me, it was fantastic to see the colours and observations in his work that brought back the sights, sounds and culture that I so recently enjoyed in Mumbai. The highlight for me was the TV programme running with interviews and commentary from Bhupen, who worked part time as an accountant through out his career, as it explained his interest in the everyday and the local characters he highlighted in much of his work.  

I hope you enjoy these images as a taster of those I most enjoyed and I would urge you to visit the exhibition if you can…


Bhupen cites that he isn't so interested in representing an acurate portrayal of the physical form, instead the colours and stories attached to the subject matter are what he wants to highlight.

As photography isn't allowed in the exhibition, these images are taken from the catalogue I bought, the front cover shown above.

The title painting is based on an Indian folk tale where a man and his son are travelling with a donkey and continually recieve critisism from those they meet along the way regarding who is riding or not riding the donkey – the story ends with the donkey falling into the water and drowning, as an attempt to have pleased everyone – they ultimately lost their most precious resource…


The glorious combination of colours is what drew me to wanting to explore his work and life in more detail. img_9037 img_9038I particularly like these scrap book extracts as they have inspired me to develop the sketchbook work I created throughout my travels to India and integrate excerpts with colour design and shapes that evolved from the trip.


The glorious combination of colours is what drew me to wanting to explore his work and life in more detail.img_9012img_9025

This is a rather wonderful observation made by Bhupen whilst he was on one of his visits to the UK


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