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Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

‚ÄčHere's my visual highlights from Clerkenwell Design Week 2016...

It is a little confusing wandering around Clerkenwell trying to understand where everything is but the street markings and maps bring some direction to this rather sprawling event.

The whole of the Clerkenwell neighbourhood becomes apart of the event, it is a while since I have visited and returning to the area brought back memories from way back, when I used to take my son to his

Big Sister Hotel In The Cotswolds


Barnsley House is the big sisier to The Painswick -recently bought & refurbished- which I shall feature in a future post and are both part of a group of excellent Cotswold hotels which are all worth a visit.


I was lucky enough to enjoy a very indulgent night at Barnsley House recently, this beautiful, historic, country house hotel is situated close to SBD headquarters and is some where I have wanted to visit for a while.

Spring/Summer 2016 colours

Time for Spring/Summer 2016 colours!!


I love this moment in the year when I change my website colours to freshen up and mark the change of seasons.

Light, warmth, colours to bask in the sunshine with, Spring & Summer to me, means waking up after hibernation and feeling full of energy, optimism, feeling fresh and ready to welcome the languid days of Summer that are just around the corner...