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Jonathan Barnbrook talks through designing David Bowie’s new album artwork

I've always been a massive Bowie fan and so this is an interesting taster article for his forthcoming album...

As clients go, surely there can’t be many a designer would be prouder to work for than David Bowie. The musician’s career has been defined almost as much by his visual image and aesthetic as his music, so to work with someone that iconic (and I don’t use the word lightly), is something of an honour. Artwork for Bowie’s forthcoming new album ★ (pronounced Blackstar) was

Mathery Studio: super cool interactive, foam-filled space

This caught my eye as it looks really cool....!



This exhibition design and identity comes from Italy-based Mathery Studio and was created as part of the Hangzhou International Design Week in China. An interactive space for kids set up in a shopping mall, Tubo is made up of a series of white-framed, food-shaped structures and surrounded by perforated walls.

Source: It's Nice That | Mathery Studio designs super cool interactive, foam-filled space for

GIDC Masterclass

I spent an excellent day in London with Sophie Robinson and Daniel Hopwood on their Masterclass as a way of keeping up to date with current interior design thinking.


Sophie and Daniel are both well known to viewers of the Great Interior Design Challenge, their backgrounds and design approaches are very different and brought very different perspectives to the day

Take a look at Sohpie

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