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Video Interview “Finding Your Niche”

I was interviewed by Miranda Jenkins from Skills To Go regarding finding a niche as a creative business.

The interview was recorded on video to be shared with others thinking about turning their love of making into a comercially viable business. Click the link below to watch it.


Sarah Burghard Designs attracts plenty of media attention due to the diversity and unique nature of the projects Sarah delivers.

Source: Sarah Burghard Designs - Sarah Burghard Designs -

select A maker of the week

I am thrilled to have been asked to become a founding member of selectAmaker which is a brand new venture by the Interior Designer Yasmin Chopin.

This week I have been featured as Maker Of The Week so if you are a designer looking for product procurement or a designer maker wanting to join this creative community then take a look at this feature and find out more...


Commission bespoke ART CRAFT & DESIGN for INTERIORS and GARDENS

Source: Sarah collaborates with UK makers |

Snask’s Bespoke Letters for Washington Post

I'm always on the look out for bespoke projects in all creative media and this wonderful work by Sweedish Design Studio Snask  is brought to you by the ever interesting "It's Nice That" blog

Take a look at this fab work and enjoy the cheerful colours and extraordinary attention to detail - GORGEOUS!

Swedish design studio Snask is always going the "extra mile in their work"


their latest project to create

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