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Inside the Sketchbook Project

As a staple of the creative tool box - the sketch book provides a very personal space which it is always fascinating to take a look inside of...

I have been following this project with interest and pleased to see a book published in it's honour: Christmas list is calling! Here's the article 

This new book selects the best entries to The Sketchbook Project - Take a look inside

Source: Inside the Sketchbook Project - The Chromologist

Inside the Colourful World of Crayola

I adore Crayola as a brand both nostagically and as a current crayon of choice


I had a back pack just like a packet of Crayola aged about 8 & I'd still love it now! 

Enjoy this glimpse behind the scenes but beware it's a serious colour hit : )

We take a look inside the Crayola factory. Click through to see amazing photos of the Crayola factory at work!

Source: Take a Peek Inside the Colourful World of

Soo Sunny Park: Unwoven Light 

This is mesmerising,fascinating & captivating...


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Moleskine Silk Screen Printing

My Sketchbook Is My Temple!

Everything starts from my sketchbooks - Moleskine are amongst my favourites.

Check out this lovely video all about how the bespoke printing happens...


Here's a link to another post about my quandry over which size sketchbook to use and a few snippets from some of my sketch book pages,doodles, designs and explorations

Thanks for taking a look

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