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Henley House & Garden Show

I'm so looking forward to participating in the Henley House & Garden Show

Plus my old friend stage fright is making a come back as I will be speaking on Saturday 28th feb at 12.00!!!

There'll be loads more info as the show gets underway but here's some of the publicity so far including fantastic support from The British Institute of Interior Design, Nick Knowles, Out Of The Dark and the chosen charity Chiltern Centre

Design 55: Guide to Top 101 Interior Designers

I'm truly delighted to be included in this list of

Design 55 Top 101 Interior Designers


My magic number is 77

So enjoy looking at some of the wonderful designers I'm proud to be set amongst...

Lucky Dip Inspiration: Sharing Some Twitter Favourites

I thought I'd have a lucky dip of some of my recent reading & inspiration and share them, so you can see what's caught my interest, discover it for yourself and follow them on Twitter if you're not already in touch...

So, I've simply gone to my twitter favourites, taken a screen shot and posted them for you to explore  - here's screen shot straight from Valentine's Day featuring a few interesting design minds:

Here's the links for the various folks I've had on my twitter line...please

PUB 15: Behind The Scenes Prep

PUB 15 takes place at Olympia, London Feb 18th & 19th and SBD is delighted to be designing the installations for the show's Entrance & Registration, Main Stage, VIP and Bar areas...

Here's a few images of the prep work behind the scene's - it's not too wordy as I'm short on time -

better get back to it!!

Main plans showing areas to be dressed


How Could We Collaborate ? A Light Bulb Moment…


So, You're a Fantastic Interior Designer...


How can I add to your scheme, bring an extra layer of textile design to delight your clients and optimise your design through a collaboration ???

Here's an insight into a recent scheme I worked on with interior designers that aims to show how my approach takes your design, colour scheme and vision and combines some fresh thinking to give you and your clients affordable bespoke products..

I was delighted to collaborate on the winning

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