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“Sarah On Tour” Snowy Scotland

Snowy Scotland: The PEFECT tour destination just before Christmas...

There were red weather warnings for Scotland with the hashtag #weatherbomb trending on twitter due to 80mph winds and serious snow forecast.... hmmm I was getting nervous as my trip was to travel by road in the SBD mobile between Glasgow and North of Inveness right in the heart of the hooley!

I flew into Glasgow and spent a rather lovely evening or perhaps a

“Sarah On Tour” Cornwall

I  LOVE  Cornwall.

Here's the fishing portwhere we got married

and the tall ship where we had part of our celebrations...

We got married here, on a tall ship in Charlestown Port and have visited family every year for the last couple of decades or so - I have found that for some perculiar reason I find the space and time to create really interesting work in Cornwall too - perhaps it's just the getting away from it

Lovely Lovely Christmas Lights

Not many words needed for this post - it's quite simply lots of lovely lovely Christmas lights that have illuminated my travels over the last few wintery weeks....enjoy x


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