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Homage to the rainbow

As one of the  most amazing and beautiful elements in our world, my first colour lab experiment had to be to create my own rainbow, so here it is…

What is it that caught my eye? looking at these pillars of colour quite simply makes me feel good, I hope they have the same that effect on you…

Welcome to the colour blog…

I LOVE mixing and matching colours and so here I want to share some of the ways I find colour combinations from the world I see around me…

On each post I’ll explain what catches my eye and brings me to the pallette.  Every day objects, glimpses through a window or taking imagery from magazines and the world on line, sometimes other’s combinations sometimes my own. Colour is a never ending source of fascination.



Joseph Albers

At St Martins School of Art we spent pretty much the whole of the first year studying colour, some of the best learning was achieved by studying the work of Joseph Albers and his acclaimed Interaction Of Colour theory so I wish to credit him here and my tutor Garth Lewis too for bringing this wonderful world of colour theory and interaction to my world.


I salute Mr Albers as a colour guru and inspirational artist. My continuation of this study is to

Welcome to the projects blog…

Over on my website there are project pages for work I have already completed.

Here on the blog I shall open up the commissions I’m currently working on and share how it progresses, giving insights to the practical and emotional ups and downs of bringing all varied aspects of a project together.

It’s not all colouring in you know, driving a van full of products is all part of the job!

Mission control!

It has become more and more of my work to be in front of a screen and as a necessity (well that’s how I swung it with my accountant) I have dug deep and have the largest imac available - I adore it - designing in more detail is so much easier, also I confess to having become a complete Apple disciple and a screen junkie. Here’s what I use them for:

  • Desk top i-mac - main design studio screen
  • Desk top

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